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Whether it is a new build, kitchen fitting, boiler replacement “Gas Safe registered engineers” or plumbing installation, TDG Construction can take care of all your home improvement needs in Lincoln and a 30-mile radius.

All work we undertake is executed with great attention to detail and exceptional workmanship. Our team of plumbers and engineers are highly skilled and never leave a job incomplete. If you need more information or a free quote, give us a call today.


All your water, heating and gas needs

We have specialist installers, repairers and maintainers of water and heating in commercial and residential properties. From major repairs to general maintenance, all of our plumbers and installers are Gas Safe registered and experienced professionals. This means that we can ensure that we are meeting the very best standards.



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Boiler options list

Breakdown of typical boiler components and cost. 

  • New boiler | £500 - £1,700

To replace an existing boiler which cannot be repaired, or when repair of an existing boiler would cost more than the price of a new one.

  • Heat exchanger | £300 - £650

This transfers heat from the gas in your boiler to the water circulating around the system.

  • Diverter valve | £25 - £200

This opens and closes, allowing or restricting the amount of hot water travelling through your central heating system.

  • Magnetic filter | £110 - £220

This is used to attract any bits of metal and debris floating through the pipes, preventing blockages.

  • Gas valve | £70 - £240

This controls the amount and flow of gas to the pilot light and burner in your boiler.

  • Fan | £65 - £260

The fan is used to create a draught, which is then used to push harmful gases out of the flue pipe connected to the boiler.

  • Heating pump | £100 - £200

This is the part which pumps hot water around the central heating system, via the radiators, and back to the boiler.

  • Air pressure switch | £20 - £60

The pressure switch recognises whether the fan is running, thus making sure all waste gases have been emptied from the system.

  • Flue | £40 - £50

This is the pipe which allows the waste gases and steam to flow from the boiler to outside your house.

  • Timer | £45 - £150

This allows the user to decide when your heating will come on and go off.