Legionella surveys

Legionella surveys

Welcome to the Legionella Risk Assessment. Have us produce your own Legionella Risk Assessment using TDG Plumbing & Heating ensuring you cover your legal obligations.  

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Your completed risk assessment is then held on our system with a time and date stamp to avoid any question about if and when a Legionella Risk Assessment was undertaken on a property. A copy is emailed to you automatically on completion and you can order further copies at any time. All assessments are stored on our system for a 2 year period.

The report complies with your legal obligations as a landlord and contains advice required by your tenants. You simply add some additional property information and follow the simple step by step guide to complete the assessment. Any HSE updates or new advice for tenants is automatically updated onto your report and you receive an email informing you that your updated report is available for download.

All landlords of domestic rental properties must undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment to comply with legal requirements.

The Health and Safety Executive (hse.gov.uk) states that landlords can undertake the assessment themselves if they are competent and understand what is required.

Our step by step guide and simple process will ensure you understand what is required and will automatically produce an assessment that covers your legal requirements and gives practical advice to your tenant. Our report is written by fully trained and accredited Legionella Risk Assessors and is updated as required by law.


Your Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment will be emailed to you in PDF format. The professional layout gives advice and guidance to your tenant and fully satisfies the legal obligations now in place for landlords.

A copy of the report will also be kept on our register in case you ever need it. You can download a copy at any time and we will also send you a reminder in 24 months when you need to complete the assessment again.

Get complete peace of mind with full compliance of the new legal requirements for your property.

Our Legionella Risk Assessment is written by qualified Legionella Risk Assessors and is updated when required.

Case 357: Some consultants & letting agents are misinterpreting landlords responsibilities regarding legionella risks to their tenants.

Please be clear. If someone says that you need a Legionella Test Certificate this is incorrect and can be very expensive. 'Testing' for legionella is not required.

What you must have is a 'Legionella Risk Assessment' which is what we provide here at The TDG Register.

Landlords or letting agent can have their property portfolio covered with TDG.

The system guides you through the process and provides an assessment for your tenant which enables you to comply with your legal duties.

If you are a letting agent and would like to become a member of TDG Construction please enquire from the top right menu and the admin will contact you.


Understand your legal obligations.

You must have a 'Legionella Risk Assessment' which is what we provide here at TDG Construction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a Legionella Risk Assessment?​

Yes, you are legally required to assess the risk of legionella in the water system of any rental property which you own. You have a legal duty to your tenant.

  • Why should I use your system?

For the cost involved your report is lodged on our system with a time and date stamp showing when the assessment was done and when it was lodged. This is to avoid any doubt in the future in the case of any dispute.

  • What happens if I do not do an assessment?

If your tenant becomes ill, you could be fined/imprisoned for not having completed a simple legionella risk assessment. In June 2014 3 people died as a result of legionella from a dirty jacuzzi, the owner was fined £200,000.

  • Is it really worth the risk for the low cost involved?

We recommend you use one of our assessors at TDG Construction, They offer a full service at a fair price and are fully qualified and accredited risk assessors.

  • What if I am not storing hot or cold water in my system, do I still need to carry out a risk assessment?

Yes. There may be other factors within your system that increase the risks of legionellosis, eg dead legs, showerheads and/or long runs of pipework containing warm water. Your legionella risk assessment should also consider anyone who could be potentially exposed to any legionella bacteria in your system, and particularly groups that are at a higher risk of contracting legionellosis.

You also need to review the assessment regularly in case anything changes in your system. We will remind you to run a new assessment in 2 years time.

  • Can people catch legionella in domestic properties?

Yes, it can happen.


  • Important Notes:

From time to time we all know that we can have a 'difficult' tenant. It is now very important to ensure you have undertaken all of your responsibilities as a landlord in order to stop any form of complaint/excuse from your tenant in not paying rent. More and more tenants are now using any reason possible to avoid 'their responsibilities' You should ensure that you are fully compliant with the law and have undertaken all of 'your responsibilities'.


As well as a Legionella Risk Assessment you also should have in place an Energy Performance Certificate and (if you have gas in the property) a Gas Safety Certificate. New laws coming into force soon also state that you should have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of rental properties.