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TDG Construction is a comprehensive residential and commercial construction company.


We are able to complete high-quality professional construction projects and property maintenance, offering the full suite of services. 

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Our Story

​TDG Construction has been in development since 1986 with the aim of providing a more accessible and efficient service than other property management companies. It would seem that our customers would agree that they have achieved their goal as TDG Construction has enjoyed great commercial and residential client relationships over the past 35 years.  We are aiming to become a leading estate management and utilities service company, adding residential and commercial letting companies a fast response 24/7 call-out option.


Part of TDG Construction's ethos is the care of tenants and clients. TDG is quick to realise that tenants and owner-occupiers have busy lives and as such, they need their maintenance and repairs to run smoothly. Like any business in today's climate, TDG Construction needs to run efficiently, so great care has to be taken to balance the provision of service to anticipated customer demand.


The business will grow rapidly both in terms of scale and complexity, TDG Construction found themselves searching for a method of obtaining the correct customer service levels without imparting a negative impact upon their commitment to quality.


After an initial experience and analysis of rival outsourced service provider, TDG Construction realised how essential it was that agents taking TDG Construction calls had proper knowledge of the business and their customers, explaining that when a TDG Construction customer calls it is invariable because they have a problem and need help, therefore it is essential that estate agents have all the necessary information available to provide a satisfactory response, we work in real time by phone or email to book date and time for engineers or operatives to call the tenants properties to book them in and resolve any problems, our back office structure means that the customer care level is our USP “unique selling point” and is afforded to all of our clients whether residential or commercial and domestic.


TDG Construction worked together to build a comprehensive training programme for agents, focusing upon the understanding of service requirements, brand value and activities relating to fast response solutions. The result of which allows contact to blend seamlessly into their client’s core business.

TDG construction services also work with an app provider with one of the most superior property letting agency work scheduling apps on the market.


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